Rev. John Brown

Anonymous, "Dr. Brown" European Magazine 21 (March 1792) 181-82.

As this ingenious Author of the Estimate of the Manners and Principles of the Times was sitting pensive one evening on a bench in Vauxhall Gardens, one of the waiters brought him the following copy of verses, which he said he had that instant received from a young Clergyman:

O say, thou gracious Censor of the age,
What can thy solitary thoughts engage?
What lures thee thus to Pleasure's golden reign?
Com'st thou, like Cato, to go out again?
No, sent like Raphael from the heavenly powers,
To greet the inhabitants of Eden's bow'rs.
Then welcome, Seer; pursue thy glorious plan,
To mark the manners, and reform the man.

Dr. Brown left behind him in MS. A Treatise on the Principles of Christian Legislation; or, An Analysis of the various Religions, Manners, and Politics of Mankind in their several Gradations; of the Obstructions thence arising to the Progress and proper Effects of Christianity, and of the most probable Means to remove those Obstructions. This was a subject which the ingenious and learned Author had very much studied. It is a pity that the treatise has not yet seen the light. Dr. Brown wrote a volume of Sermons, in which there are three upon Education, in answer to some of the fanciful parts of Rousseau's Emile, that are excellent.