Mary Robinson

John St. John, "Lines written on reading Mrs. Robinson's Poems" 1792; European Magazine 23 (January 1793) 70.

Congenial spirits own congenial fires,
Where vivid Fancy every thought inspires;
The taste of REYNOLDS we behold again
In every beauty of thy mournful strain.
No envy dims the lustre of thy lays,
No mean disguise obscures the gen'rous praise,
But as the tuneful line mellifluous flows,
Thy genius kindles, and thy fancy glows!
Still, still pursue the lesson Truth inspires,
Still tune thy harp amidst exulting fires.
And when thy gentle breast shall low be laid,
And all thy wond'rous attributes shall fade;
The song, the tributary song of woe,
Transcendent SAPPHO, round thy tomb shall flow.—
There MIDDLETON'S meek shade shall hover near,
There GARRICK'S spirit grateful shall appear,
There beauteous LINLEY raise her angel tongue,
And CHATTERTON shall strike his lyre new strung!
And midst the mingling sounds thy name shall rise,
The brightest planet in its "native skies."
J. J. V.
Oxford, Dec. 11, 1792.