Allan Ramsay

David Mallet to John Ker, 10 September 1722; European Magazine 24 (July 1793) 25.

I saw Captain Hamilton some time ago in Edinburgh. He has made public his Life of Wallace, and at the same time so far sunk his character with people of taste, that he is thought to have treated his hero as unmercifull as did Edward of old. 'Tis the fate of Wallace to be always murdered. Mr. Ramsay, again, aspires no higher than humble Sonnets at present: he has published several collections of Scotch Songs, and wonderfully obliged the young creatures of both sexes; the men, by giving them an opportunity of letting the world see they are amongst the number of those Quos amavit Apollo; and the women, by making public these pretty love-songs, where their sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks, and snowy breasts, are so tenderly described. His Miscellany Songs are wrote by various hands. These are the present entertainments in town.