Francis Noel Clarke Mundy

Anna Seward, "Rural Coronation. Inscribed to Mr. Mundy, on reading his Poem on Needwood Forest" European Magazine 37 (March 1800) 226.

Haste from your dells, your woods, and lawns,
Nymphs, Naiads, Satyrs, Fays, and Fawns,
Haste hither bring your flowers and boughs,
And weave a wreath for MUNDY'S brows!

First twigs of Oak from SWILCAR rend,
And round his auburn temples bend;
Then tye the ends, that twisting meet,
With tendrils from the woodbine sweet:
With laurel blossoms next be spread
Pale ivy crosswise o'er his head;
These holly sprigs insert between,
—The berries blush amid the green—
While hare-bells blue, and lilies fair,
Mix'd with the wild rose, deck his hair.

Now with fantastic step advance,
And hand in hand around him dance;
To oaten pipe attune his lays,
And hail the bard who sings your praise.
"While the gay choirings of the grove
Give breath to harmony and love,
And golden furze and purple ling
Around their mix'd embroidering fling,
And, all irregularly join'd,
The according outline waves behind."