Samuel Sheppard

Samuel Holland, "A due Encomium on the Author and his ingenious Epigrams" Sheppard, Epigrams (1651) sig. B3- B3v.

The ancient Shephards of th' Arcadian Plaines
Elegant were in Verse and witty Strains,
And as thou partak'st of their Eternall Fame:
In thy facetious Fancy Learning, Wit,
Which merit in Apollos Chaire to sit,
And to correct the Sisters in their Layes,
Each of which offer thee a Crown of Bayes,
Which like another Martiall thou dost merit,
And shalt (in these thy Epigrams inherit)
Which elevate thine honour to the skie,
And tells the World the Ingenuity
Of these thy lines, are of such excellence
As may be termed, (Wits rare Quint-essence)
Even in this criticall and carping Age,
When few in Epigrams durst vent their rage,
Yet thy Minerva (doubtlesse) will be free,
From Envy, as from Thunder, Daphne's Tree,
And SHEPPARD by his sharpe ingenious Quill,
Shall honour gaine, and grace Parnassus Hill.