Mary Russell Mitford

Britannicus, "On the Perusal of a Sonnet written by Miss Mitford, the Hampshire Poetess" European Magazine 60 (August 1811) 133.

New pledge of safety to her native isle,
The fost'ring Muses on fair Mitford smile:
To her their fervent energy convey;
And, to the future age, consign her lay.
How blest the Land where they to rest incline;
And spread around their influence benign:
How glows each bosom then with sacred fire:
Then Virtue rules, repressing base desire:
Then live the Just, the Good, the Wise, the Brave:
The gen'rous wish exists to shield; to save;
From dire oppression save, to shield from harm,
And with the ardent love of freedom warm:
To give mankind to know the sweets of peace;
And joy to see the gen'ral bliss increase.
Such, FAVOUR'D PEOPLE, such thy pleasing task;
And its continuance all thou hast to ask.
May the high blessing still on thee attend:
May Taste with thee reside, of Genius friend.
Still may be thine the pure poetic stream;
And, strong in virtue, rule with sway supreme.
19th June, 1811.