Frances Arabella Rowden

Mary Mitford [mother] to Dr. Mitford, 2 June 1802; A. G. K. L'Estrange, Friendships of Mary Russell Mitford (1882) 3-4.

Hans Place, June 2, 1802.

Sweet Mezza is hard at work doing a prize composition. She does not return to dinner till half-past four, as her drawing-master attends at half-past three. The paper does not, you will observe, give the same account as you heard yesterday at Mr. Taplin's of the Union Masquerade, but Rowden saw Lady Bessborough last evening, who was there, and who mentioned the confusion that prevailed in similar terms. Her ladyship's own dress was demolished in the scuffle. This, however, does not deter her from attending the masquerade at Raneleigh to-night, which, it is thought, will be better conducted. She mentioned the Prince supped alone with Mrs. Fitzherbert and another lady, and that their privacy was broken in upon by the mob ere they had finished their repast. Mrs. St. Quintin pressed me much to dine with her to-day, but I declined it. She and Miss Rowden are to dine with us to-morrow on the pig you are to send to us.