James Thomson

A. C. L., "Lines written in the Shades of Richmond" European Magazine 74 (July 1818) 62-63.

Ye sylphs and fauns! ye guardians of the wood!
And you, ye spirits of the silver flood!
Permit no careless idler here to stray,
Where POPE and THOMSON pour'd the hallow'd lay.
Let Thought majestic, bending o'er their urn,
Retrace their steps at each romantic turn,
Here POPE his Iliad grandly, sweetly sung;
And yonder THOMSON wreaths of violets hung,
While oft he, list'ning to the am'rous dove,
Invok'd the muse to bless his songs of love—
Of chastest love — as sweet Lavinia's tale,
While wond'ring Boreas check'd the heedless gale.
POPE, like Achilles, thund'ring in his wrath,
Scarce reigns his muse to keep the sylvan path!
Ye mighty BARDS! if wandering in these shades,
Or by the stream, or on the sloping glades,
Deign suppliant youth with genius to inspire,
And thus like Phoenix rise again in fire.
Should on your wings these favour'd youths arise,
And draw empyreal maxims from the skies,
Their grateful countrymen may look with hope
To see again a THOMSON and a POPE!