John Aubrey

John Aubrey, in Brief Lives, 1669-1696; ed. Clark (1898) 1:35-43.

His life is more remarqueable in an astrologicall respect than for any advancement of lerning, having from his birth (till of late years) been labouring under a crowd of ill directions: for his escapes of many dangers, in journeys both by land and water, 40 yeares.... I gott not strength till I was 11 or 12 yeares old; but had sicknesse of vomiting, for 12 houres every fortnight for ... years, then about monethly, then quarterly, and at last once in halfe a yeare. About 12 it ceased.... He began to enter into pocket memorandum bookes philosophicall and antiquarian remarques, Anno Domini 1654, at Llantrithid. Anno 16— I began my lawe-suite on the entaile in Brecon, which lasted till ... and it cost me 1200. Anno — I was to have married Mris K. Ryves, who died when to be married, 2000+, besides counting care of her brother, 1000 per annum. A strange fate that I have laboured under never in my life to enjoy one entire monethe or 6 weekes otium for contemplation. My studies (geometry) were on horse back, and (in) the house of office: (my father discouraged me). My head was alwaies working; never idle, and even travelling (which from 1649 till 1670 was never off my horseback) did gleane som observations, of which I have a collection in folio of 2 quiers of paper + a dust basket, some whereof are to be valued. His chiefe vertue, gratitude.