George Chalmers

W., "Lines written on a blank Leaf of Chalmers's Life of Mary Queen of Scots" The Monthly Magazine 52 (December 1821) 423.

Much injured Queen! the hand of TIME
At length hath rent the veil away
That hid the face of TRUTH; — and Crime,
Pierced by her deeply searching ray,
Stands forth revealed! — like HIM of yore,
Who touched by the celestial spear
Of bright ITHURIEL, might no more
His brooding form of darkness wear,
But, quickly wrought on by the spell,
Uprose, confessed, the Prince of Hell!
What, though whole ages have gone by
Since first Hate strove upon thy name
To breathe the blackest blight of shame,
Through many a year with tearful eye
Did HISTORY mark the wrongs of fame
Had suffered from her sons, till growing
Indignant that the cloud of blame,
Should mar the beams of brightness glowing
Around sweet Pity's thoughts of thee;
And still with its unceasing gloom
Work for thee thus — beyond the tomb,
The martyrdom of memory!
She bade the Truth's firmest champion wield
His pen of adamant, and shield
Thy all defenceless life of woes
From the keen malice of thy foes;—
And on the heads of those who wrought
Thy prisonment and death, — and thought
That their's should be immortal lies,
Roll back their own dark calumnies,—
Stamping the brand of infamy
Detraction had made red for thee
On its own brow eternally!