Lord Byron

John Dodderidge Humphreys, "Occasioned by reading that the Heart of Byron was to remain in Greece" Morning Post (6 August).

O cherish that relic, proud land of the free!
And his spirit triumphant shall linger with thee;
Methinks that young heart should never grow cold,
While it dwells with the sons of the heroes of old.
Oh no! it will throb with a kindred emotion,
When the shouts of their triumph boom over the ocean;
And again will it swell with the pulses of life,
When they rush to the banquet of danger and strife;
And the warm tears of passion shall nourish it still,
Then the heart of the Childe can never grow chill!
With valour, with love, and with freedom, its shrine,
Bright star of the East! let the treasure be thine;
Yes, cherish that relic, proud land of the free!
And sure as his fame shall thy liberty be.
J. D. H.