Dr. Henry Stubbe

Henry More to Lady Conway, 14 March 1670-71; Conway Letters, ed. Nicholson (1930) 327.

At my returne I found a letter of Mr. Glanvills here, which signify'd to me how grossly and vehemently Stubbes rayled at me in the coffy houses in Oxford before he printed that scurrilous letter, and in another afterwards he informs me that after he had writt an answer to Stubbes his last booke he went to Oxford, and he found Stubbes so generally lookt upon there for a madman that he was asham'd of his Adversary, and thought to lay his papyrs aside, and have no more to doe with so contemptible an Antagonist. But being otherwise adviz'd at London, by no mean person, he was content to lett his Answer to goe to the presse, which he writes me word he thinkes is out by this. But all men universally excuse me from medling with such an unworthy person, and it never so much as came into my thoughts to answer him, and I deliberated with myself whether I had best so much as take notice of him in my Epistle Dedicatory. I declare I think it not fitt to answer such a man.