Rev. Thomas Blacklock

Anonymous, "To Mr. Blacklock, on his being licensed a Preacher" Scots Magazine 20 (November 1758) 587.

Hail! happy fav'rite of the tuneful Nine;
Hail! thou, who, like themselves, art now divine:
Now gospel-precepts be thy winning lays,
And souls immortal thy eternal bays:
Now, bless'd by Heav'n, the hearts thou dost renew
With never-fading honours grace thy brow:
Now thine the task to solve the sacred page,
To mend the morals, and arraign the age:
Now, as a pastor, hold thy native art,
To touch the senses, and correct the heart;
May thy bless'd hearers prove thy sacred skill,
To teach the judgment, and persuade the will.
No meaner views than love of God inflame,
Love of mankind, and of immortal fame;
Inspir'd by these, how pow'rful shalt thou teach!
And by example, as by precept, preach!
Thus from thick mists thou'lt clear the mental ray
When ripe in years, and holiness, thy place
Thou calm resign'st with a becoming grace,
Then soar above, and claim thy natal throne,
To strike the lyre, eternity along.
Annandale, 1758.