Thomas Pringle

Alexander Balfour, in "To a Lady, who presented the Author with a Patent Silver Pen" Contemplation, with other Poems (1820) 228 &n.

To the sweet modest PRINGLE, how dear were the prize,*
From the land of his fathers now wandering afar!
Again would his numbers flow, soft, as the sighs
That he breathed o'er his lyre, when with Fortune at war.

Should the name of Pringle as a legitimate son of the muses, be new to the ear of any reader of taste, he is referred to "The Autumnal Excursion, with other poems." By Thomas Pringle. Published by Constable and Co. This little volume requires only to be more generally known, to obtain that esteem and celebrity, which the tenderness and feeling that breathe in every page so amply merit; and which, unlike some celebrated poetry of the present day, will be most relished, and impart the greatest pleasure to readers of delicate feelings and amiable minds.
Mr. Pringle is a native of Teviotdale; and had for a considerable time past resided in Edinburgh, from whence he emigrated to the British settlements at the Cape of Good Hope.