Rev. John Ogilvie

Alexander Thomson, in The British Parnassus, at the Close of the Eighteenth Century (1801) 34 & n.

It should seem that this same is an Epical year,
Since two other Songs are about to appear:
Not one of them built upon outlandish dreams,
All the three are devoted to national themes;
For fanciful BURGES election has made
Of the splendid achievements of RICHARD'S Crusade,
Resolving the force of his talents to try on
That chivalrous Prince, with the heart of a lion:
And OGILVIE, he who presum'd to display,
The terrible scenes of the Last awful Day,
That Vet'ran in verse, who was Author of R0NA,
Means yet to contend far the Epic CORONA;
And for this noble purpose, a theme has selected,
On which POPE already an Epic projected;
That fabulous theme of invention the soil,
The arrival of BRUTUS in ALBION'S ISLE.

As neither of these Poems have been yet published, I could speak of them only in conjectural terms.