Edmund Waller

Judith Cowper Madan, in "Progress of Poetry" 1721; London Magazine 28 (1759) 156.

To WALLER next my wond'ring view I bend,
Gentle as flakes of feather'd snow descend:
Not the same snow, its silent journey done,
More radiant glitters in the rising sun.
O happy Nymph! who could those lays demand,
And claim the care of this immortal hand,
In vain might age thy heav'nly form invade,
And o'er thy beauties cast an envious shade;
Waller the place of youth and bloom supplys,
And gives exhaustless lustre to thy eyes:
Each Muse assisting, rises ev'ry grace,
To paint the wonders of thy matchless face!
So when at Greece divine Apelles strove
To give to earth the radiant queen of love,
From each bright nymph some dazzling charm he took,
This fair one's lips, another's lovely look;
Each beauty pleas'd, a smile or air bestows,
Till all the goddess from the canvas rose.