Rev. Thomas Gibbons

Anonymous, "On the Defence of the Rev. Mr. Thomas G—bb—ns's Poems" London Magazine 18 (December 1750) 566.

I own 'twas gen'rous to defend,
From satire's pointed sting your friend;
And, what ennobles the defence,
To do it at your own expence:
Your own expence, for none, I fear,
Will think your wit and judgment clear,
That to immortalize his fame,
Has coupl'd it with Homer's name.
G—bb—ns and Homer, how they sound!
A penny and a thousand pound!
An atom and a man of war!
Say, was it to display your skill,
In joining names that suit so ill?
Or could you hope that he would thank you,
And with his friends and fav'rites rank you?
Alas! how weak you laid your schemes!
Flatt'ry and praise are wide extremes:
Your patron cannot chuse but laugh,
To see old birds decoy'd with chaff;
And if he pays you as he shou'd,
(I think the method would be good:)
He will, to teach you better wit,
Make you read all that he has writ.