Anna Seward

Mary Scott, "Verses addressed to Miss Seward, on the Publication of her Monody on Major Andre" Gentleman's Magazine 53 (June 1783) 519.

Enchanting harmonist! whose Muse complains
O'er ANDRE'S bier in sorrow's softest strains;
Impels each heart to mourn his fate with thine
Which feels thy powers, O! sympathy divine;
O! whilst with loudest notes the trump of fame
To distant nations wafts thy dear-lov'd name,
Whilst Hayley hangs enraptur'd o'er thy lays,
Accept the tribute thy Maria pays.
Tho' vain her fondest wishes to rehearse
The countless beauties of thy magic verse,
Yet glows her heart with friendship's holy fires,
Yet breathes for thee to Heaven her warm desires.
O! to her warm desires may Heaven attend,
And lavish all its blessings on my friend;
Ne'er may thy gentle, generous spirit feel
One pang save what time's lenient hand can heal;
Be thine each genuine transport of the heart,
Which virtue, taste, or science, can impart;
May growing honors crown thy favorite name,
And permanent as splendid be thy fame!

Whilst thro' the labyrinth of life I stray,
Still may thy friendship cheer me on the way!
Still in thy bosom may I pour my care,
And still thy sympathetic kindness share!
To life's last trembling moments shall my heart
In all thy fortunes bear a faithful part.