Lady Sophia Burrell

A Lady, "The Naiad's Reply to Mrs. Burrell's Invocation" Gentleman's Magazine 55 (April 1785) 306.

Sweet Heliconian Nymph, whose matchless strain
Invites me forth, and charms e'en Wisdom's ear,
Long shall these rocks the pleasing sounds retain,
And fam'd Parnassus be unenvy'd here.

More soothing notes ne'er form'd the wond'rous spell
The Syrens chanted to induce delay,
Nor issued from Calypso's vocal shell,
Wooing Ulysses to prolong his stay!

Like them thou sail'st, tho' friendship strung the lyre,
And thy responsive voice its accents bland
Employ'd not to promote the loose desire,
Th' inebriate cup averted by thy hand.

But Heav'n-descended minds can ill endure
The rest which frail mortality implores;
Soon in his renovated strength secure,
MANSFIELD upborne his well-known heights explores.

He, like the Grecian sage, would sure reject
Immortal youth, oppos'd to high renown,
Would hasten hence the injur'd to protect,
And awe the perjur'd villain by his frown.

For this did Heav'n my healing powers impart,
Not that dull sloth should win him to her train,
Content I see him from my brink depart;
Nor thou lament, as thou hadst sung in vain.

The bays are thine; and may my lucid stream
Still flow for thee, replete with jocund health!
May the light spirits from thy eye-lids beam,
Conferring joys, not to be bought be wealth!