Richard Cumberland

John Williams, in "Children of Thespis" Poems by Anthony Pasquin (1789) 2:34-35 &n.

From the BASTARD of SHAKESPEARE, and FACE of old BEN,
To the dry namby-pamby of — CUMBERLAND'S pen.
He's the Muse's great hackney, on which both together
Oft pace thro' the Commons, in damn'd dirty weather.
Yet he still claims applause, tho' like Proteus he changes;
For, equal to all, thro' the drama he ranges;
And bears with much ease its vast weight on his shoulders,
'Till, like Atlas, his powers surprize all beholders.

So graceful his step, so majestic his nod,
He looks the descendant from Belvedere's god!
Yet he has his faults; and, who is there without 'em?
But his pride should take care and instantly rout 'em;
Nor heed, tho' the effort should cost him some pain,
But puff them away like the chaff from the grain....

RICHARD CUMBERLAND, Esq. is the son of Dr. CUMBERLAND, bishop of Kilmore, in Ireland, by JOANNA, youngest daughter of the celebrated Dr. RICHARD BENTLEY: he was solicitor and clerk at the board of trade and plantation offices. — Among the variety of pieces he has written for the stage, none seem to keep their ground but the WEST INDIAN, which is certainly a well written comedy.