Hannah Cowley

John Williams, in "Children of Thespis" Poems by Anthony Pasquin (1789) 2:160 &n.

But COWLEY and INCHBALD more mad than their neighbours,
With God and the Devil besprinkle their labours;
Sure the traits of the mind must be oddly directed,
When their bawdry destroys what their morals effected....

Mrs. COWLEY is the daughter of a Mr. PARKHOUSE of Tiverton in Devonshire, and said to be a distant relative to the celebrated Mr. GAY. She worked for several years with Mr. SQUIB, an upholsterer; and early in life she married her present husband, who was a clerk in the stamp office, but is now in the East Indies, and who formerly rendered himself conspicuous by his orations at the Robin Hood Society, where I have frequently debated with him, when a boy, in company with Mr. FRANCIS GENTLEMAN. This lady has written a variety of pieces for the stage, but none of them deserve to be registered excepting her farce of WHO'S THE DUPE.