Rev. William Dodd

Anonymous, in A Bagatelle. A Dialogue (1774) 14 &n.

Sooner shall father Thames his streams recall,
Sooner shall Ste' cut capers at a ball,
Sooner shall Anstey's pen write one dull line,
Sooner shall callous Crosby wince at mine,
Sooner shall Hobart's spouse renounce a jig,
Sooner shall dainty Dodd renounce his wig,
Than we (through Shipley preach, and Madan rave)
Shall pass unelbow'd be a fool or knave....

Dodd. — The Doctor, regardless of the proverb, "that good wine needs no bush," hangs out his Wig as a symbol of his Preaching, prim, puffed, and priggish. The following laughable anecdote is told of this Gentleman. — Some time since, he invited several Ladies to partake of the dinner provided for the Chaplains at St. James's. As the thing was unprecedented, no care had been taken to furnish a very necessary utensil: the Ladies soon began to show that they found themselves extremely uneasy. When quitting the bottle is to be the consequence, the Clergy are not to a proverb quick of apprehension. At length one of the females was under the pressing necessity of whispering the Doctor: the Chaplains left the room, and, dire to tell! their Soup-tureen was degraded to the ignoble function of — a Chamber-pot.