William Cowper

R. B., "Verses written upon a blank Leaf in Cowper's Poems belonging to a Lady" Gentleman's Magazine 59 (April 1789) 353.

Let dear Eliza pass the gliding hours,
By culling sweets from choice poetic flowers!
Of all those various beauties form'd to please,
There's none more choice, and none more sweet than these;
For truth with elegance is here display'd;
Descriptive Nature beauteously array'd:
Whether he trip, by Luna's silver sheen,
The verdant mead, or daisy sprinkled green;
Whether bright Phoebus gild with genial ray
The blushing morning of the coming May;
Whether pourtray'd the shrub or fragrant flower;
His soft, his lively portraits, you'll admire.
With gentle Thomson tracing wood and grove,
He paints recesses sweet for heaven-born love;
Pope's softest numbers harmonize each line,
The fire of Dryden, Milton's thought sublime,
The lash of Churchill, Waller's warbling lays,
Sing loud their merit, loudly chaunt their praise.
Describ'd the humble cot, proud city's tower,
The cloud-capt hill, the lovely vale or bower,
Still guided by the radiant son of Jove,
In Nature's walks behold his fav'rite rove!