Robert Dodsley

Richard Graves, "On Tully's Head in Pall Mall: to Mr. R. Dodsley, on his writing Cleone, 1756" The Festoon: a Collection of Epigrams (1766) 176.

Where Tully's bust and honour'd name
Point out the venal page,
There Dodsley consecrates to fame
The classics of his age.

In vain the poets, from their mine,
Extract the shining mass,
Till Dodsley's mint has stamp'd the coin,
And bid the sterling pass.

Yet he, I ween, in Caesar's days,
A nobler fate had found;
Dodsley himself with verdant bays
Had been by Caesar crown'd.

His bust near Tully's had been plac'd,
Himself a classic bard;
His works Apollo's temple grac'd,
And met their just reward.

But still, my friend, be virtue, sense,
And competence thy share;
And think each boon, that courts dispense,
Beneath a poet's care.

Persist to grace this humbler post;
Be Tully's head the sign;
Till future booksellers shall boast
To vend their tomes at thine.