John Penn

Dr. H. W. Tytler, "Extempore Lines on leaving the beautiful Villa at Stoke; the Property of John Penn, Esq." Gentleman's Magazine 97 (November 1797) 964.

Adieu! delightful seat, where all the Nine
The wreaths around thy Master's temples twine,
That circled once the sacred brows of Gray,
Diffusing from his harp a lofty lay;
A lofty lay still spreading o'er the plains,
Where Gray before pour'd his mellifluous strains;
While each for some new art her aid combines,
And Wyatt only builds what Penn designs,
Taught by the Nine, he gives to ev'ry part
A just proportion of well-order'd art;
Bids walls arise, bids lofty roofs ascend,
And arches o'er Ionic columns bend.
Adieu! delightful seat, by none excell'd,
In ancient Greece, or modern Rome, beheld.
Bright Nymphs, of royal race, long may'st thou win,
To bend, for thee, their sacred steps within,
Long lift thy head, a wonder of the land,
Long charm great monarchs in thy court to stand,
And find some voluntary Muse, to tell
That here ev'n monarchs might be proud to dwell.