William Shenstone

Anonymous, "Pastoral to the Memory of Mr. Shenstone" Town and Country Magazine 13 (Supplement 1781) 716.

One morn as I stray'd thro' the grove,
A nymph to a shepherd did say,
"Your passion I ne'er can approve,
Kind Corydon leave me, I pray;
For I have much cause to lament,
Alexis, fond youth, is no more
For ever, adieu! to content,
His death I am doom'd to deplore.

"But had I his passion return'd,
The love I had for him confest,
His death now I ne'er should have mourn'd,
Alexis and I had been bless'd:
The season of pleasure is o'er,
Alas! it is follow'd by pain,
Alexis, fond youth, he is dead,
Each shepherd repeats on the plain.

"My Phillida, oft would he say,
Oh! pity a lover sincere!
The birds seem'd to list' on the spray,
When he did his passion declare.
But, Corydon yonder I see,
The lasses that follow the bier;
Adieu! I a mourner will be,
His grave I'll bedew with a tear."