Rev. Thomas Fuller

George Dyer, in History of the University and Colleges of Cambridge (1814) 2:156-57.

Thomas Fuller, first student of this [Queen's College], afterwards fellow of Sidney College. He was author of the History of the Holy War, and Pisgah Sight of Palestine: but his most famous works are his Church History of Great Britain; (to which is annexed his History of the University of Cambridge) and his English Worthies.

Fuller published a platform of the latter work before, entitled ABEL REDVIVUS; the joint production of several hands: but he finished the greater portion, and appears as editor. The poetry, he says (for each life obtains its eulogistic lines), was by Quarles, father and son.

Fuller also, I understand, wrote poetry; but his poetical productions I never saw. I am, however, reminded of Addison's lines, which are as applicable to Fuller's prose, as to Cowley's poetry:

—next great Cowley wrote,
O'er-run with wit, and prodigal of thought:
His thoughts too closely on the reader press;
He more had pleas'd us, had he pleas'd us less.
The Characters of the English Poets, in Addison's Works.