Mrs. Cornwell Baron Wilson

Anonymous, "Lines addressed to Miss Harries on reading her eloquent Volume of Poems, Melancholy Hours" La Belle Assemblee NS 15 (April 1817) 180-81.

Instead of melancholy hours,
Sweet bard! for thee may fate prepare
Long smiling years bedeck'd with flowers,
And seasons unalloy'd by care!
And may thy lyre's fictitious woes,
Be all the woes thou'rt doom'd to feel;
May thy youth pass in calm repose,
And age unfelt upon thee steal!

Oh! may thy pure and guileless breast,
Uninjur'd by the storms of life,
Still, still with innocence be blest,
Nor wage with angry passions, strife;
May fancy warm, but still refin'd,
Glow in that breast as pure as now;
And may thy young but matchless mind,
To virtue's dictates always bow.

And though the echoing voice of praise,
Shall swell for thee her sweetest song;
And though the poet's deathless bays
Must to thy graceful brow belong;
And though around thine envied head,
Unfading wreaths will be entwin'd;
Ah! be not by the world misled,
Nor let applause debase thy mind!

Let not thy youthful heart grow proud,
But fly from Fame's too dazzling glare;
Oh! turn thee from a flatt'ring crowd,
And be not caught in Folly's snare:
For far above the mindless throng,
Fate has ordain'd thy steps to move;
Then scorn the world, pure child of song,
And let thy lays that world improve!