Henry Kirke White

Mary Leman Rede, "To the Memory of H. K. White" La Belle Assemblee NS 16 (July 1817) 33.

Lamented youth! whom learning's ray
Thro' erudition's pathway led;
How short, how bright, thy brilliant day!
It blaz'd a moment and it fled!

Lamented youth, around thy tomb
The sorrowing Muses crowd;
Virtue bemoans thy early doom,
And Pity bathes thy shroud.

Come, Muse, let thy softest note
O'er the grave of Henry float;
Soothe, oh! soothe the gentle shade
Of him who lov'd thee, lovely maid.
See majestic Science hangs
On his tomb with speechless pangs.

Drooping Wisdom o'er it sighs,
On pale Philosophy reclin'd;
For since her youthful favourite dies
To sorrow is her soul resign'd.

Genius, Science bending o'er
Henry's urn his requiem sung;
Fame's loud trumpet Echo tore
From her cave, and forth she sprung.

Now the sister Muses sing;
Softly touch the silver string
Of the many corded lyre,
While the melting strains expire
On Echo's lingering tongue.

The memory of his genius given
To Eternity and Fame;
Virtue registers in heaven
The record of his spotless name.