Robert Burns

Mary Leman Rede, "To the Memory of Burns" La Belle Assemblee NS 24 (September 1821) 123.

Oh Scotia, 'tis thine to record and revere
The Minstrel to feeling and melody dear;
To boast to the stranger, who with thee sojourns,
That thou wert the school and the country of Burns.

That he caught in thy glens the bright spirit that glows
In that song that with feeling and energy flows;
And Fame with her annals smiles sweet, as she learns
How her records have blaz'd with the cyphers of Burns.

Ah! Doun, honor'd Doun, when thy channels are dry,
Shall thy name ever sink, or thy memory die?
No! fond recollection enchantedly turns,
To hallow the spot that is sacred to Burns.

And never, whilst one glowing heart shall remain,
Shall thy name be forgot, or remember'd in vain;
For, deep in the centre, soft feeling inurns
The birthplace of Genius, the birthplace of Burns.