Elizabeth Montagu

J. W., "Verses to the Memory of Mrs. Montague" Lady's Monthly Museum 5 (November 1800) 412.

Oh! Montague! before thy honour'd shade
This humble tribute of the Muse be laid.
In thee, respected Woman, were combin'd
A feeling heart and cultivated mind:
With virtuous precepts was thy converse fraught,
Thy life confirm'd whate'er thy doctrines taught.
If Charity thy theme — the well-fed Poor
Evinc'd thy steady practice at the door:
If Friendship's sacred joys thy tongue express'd,
The wise and good thy ready zeal confess'd.
Beneath thy skilful praise e'en Genius grew,
And Shakespeare's beauties rose to better view;
And if to write in Virtue's cause inclin'd,
Opinions were but pictures of the mind:
But tho' such merits sinful men approve,
Thy hopes of bliss were in a Saviour's love!
As stars in Heav'n, on earth thy virtues shone;
And to their native Heav'n, as stars, are gone!
Old Broad Street, Oct. 8, 1800.