Dr. William Perfect

T. H. Perfect, "A Tribute to the Memory of the late William Perfect, M.D. of Town Malling, Kent" Lady's Monthly Museum NS 7 (August 1809) 105-06.

Ah! can the tear forget to flow?
Or can the Muse neglect to mourn,
In soften'd strains of unfeign'd woe,
O'er PERFECT'S hallow'd urn?
The genuine heartfelt drop bedews
The cypress wreath that twines his bier;
Affection weeps a kindred Muse,
And mourns with grief sincere.

Long, long his worth shall mem'ry trace,
And many a sigh that worth shall claim;
Nor shall oblivion's hand deface,
The records of his fame.
Ah! PERFECT, mourn'd, belov'd, admir'd,
This humble tribute of respect,
By feelings of the heart inspir'd,
Oh, shade rever'd! accept.

May ev'ry care on earth thou'st known,
Be now repaid by heav'nly love;
And may we meet, when life is flown,
In realms of bliss above.
Yet still the tear for thee must flow,
The kindred muse ne'er cease to mourn;
In soften'd strains of unfeign'd woe,
Oh, PERFECT! o'er thy urn.
June 26, 1809.