William Julius Mickle

Bion, "Verses, written on a blank Leaf of Mickle's Poem of The Concubine" Ladies' Monthly Museum S3 13 (June 1821) 359.

God of our mind! if human bosoms beat
With genuine sparks of energy divine,
In ladies' hearts improve the noble heat,
Till female worth fulfil thy rich design!

Full oft, as here, unholy beauty lifts
O'er weak, unguarded youth its luckless star,
Quench'd the warm lustre of Heaven's choicest gifts,
And hope is hamper'd in the spreading snare.

Yet man to sovereign beauty safe may bow,
If dress'd in purity's internal charm,
The rose of love without a thorn may blow,
By goodness nurs'd, and virtue's sunshine warm.

Mark then, ye fair! where springs your fastest sway,
If heartfelt worth and beauty's grace combine,
Obsequious man shall catch the kindling ray,
And where adoring you, be most divine!

But where is genuine worth, in mixture rare,
With winning loveliness at once combin'd?
Go then, and ne'er unfeeling ask me where,
While Delia's form survives, and Delia's mind!