Samuel Johnson

M. Macgreggor, Esq., in "The Battle of the Busts" Hibernian Magazine 8 (May 1778) 254.

The next that appear'd set the whole court a staring;
Strahan, the printer, came lugging a huge Greenland bear in;
For none at first sight could conceive 'twas a man,
Nay Shakespeare mistook't for his own Caliban;
'Till a phiz, which tho' dirty, was something like human,
Prov'd he possibly might have been born of a women.
So, growling and grumbling, he put in his claim,
When all, by the manner, conjectur'd his name:
His long polysyllables pouring so pat in,
From his Lexicon, written in pure English-Latin.
Nay, like to Sir Hudibras, boasting to speak,
He affected to gruntle in Hebrew and Greek:
Of the former, however, the learn'd Bishop Louth
Declares not a word e'er came out of his mouth.

Of a busto so brutal the place to determine,
And yet not to rank it with rats and such vermin,
On the ground he was station'd, to humour his pride,
Of Shakespeare's tall pedestal close to one side;
On t' other a savage of similar breeding,
As fam'd, in his time, for his writing and reading;
On the Bard's Muse of Fire these curst cold commentators,
For his herald supporters, in figure and features,
Like Lion and Unicorn, fam'd for grimaces,
Were doom'd at each other to stand making faces.