Bp. Robert Lowth

Poeticus, "Elegy addressed to the Bishop of London" Hibernian Magazine (July 1786) 383.

How void would Envy's captious eye explore,
Thy splendid tracings thro' historic lore;
And those bright lays, so regularly clear,
Where no prolix redundancies appear!
On some, Ignobler, she her power may shew,
But cannot pluck the laurel from thy brow!

Could my faint verse, like thine, harmonious move,
I'd gladly draw the tuneful Virgin's love;
Who by their sacred inspiration warms!
Who with such graceful elocution charms!
Not sweeter sings "the Man belov'd of Heaven,"
Enchanting POPE, to softest manners given:
In thee we see that lustrous beaming star,
Extending learning's bright domain afar:
Like him majestical thou flow'st along,
In numbers more than prevalently strong,
My streaming eyes spontaneously o'erflow,
With tender tears of sympathizing woe,
When memory rouzes up, pathetic bard!
Thy filial piety, and soft regard.

Where-e'er Britannia may her power extend,
Eternal praises will thy name attend;
So strong the frame thy mental labour wrought,
So potent thy magnificence of thought!
Dublin, June 5th, 1786.