Rev. Jonathan Swift

Thomas Clio Rickman, "Sonnet written in the favourite Chair of Dean Swift" Universal Magazine NS 10 (March 1808) 226.

Here seated, — erst where SWIFT oft' musing sat,
And form'd his GULLIVER'S immortal tale;
Or entertain'd his friends, in witty chat,
Or bade sublimer topics to prevail.
Here seated, — deep reflection takes her range,
And contemplates the altering hand of TIME;
With retrospective eye, marks every change,
Since SWIFT here wrote his prose or sportive rhime.
Here seated, — while enamour'd MEMORY dwells,
On GENIUS, — TALENT, — LEARNING, most profound;
With mortified regret the bosom swells,
And PROUD HUMANITY receives a wound,
That SWIFT, endow'd with gifts the wisest crave,
Should sink a senseless MADMAN to the GRAVE.

Note. — This chair is now in the possession of Mr. Swainson. It is a large mahogany armed chair, so constructed, that a person may set almost any way in it; and it has a desk, which shifts at pleasure round it, to accommodate the attitude of the person sitting in it.