Lord Byron

Anonymous, in "The Rejected Bards" The Satirist 11 (November 1812) 380-81 & 383n.

With that there came an arrow keen,
Shot from a curs'd Review!
That struck Lord George with horrid spleen,
And pierc'd him through and through.

Against the "talents" of this Lord
So right the shaft was set,
The grey-goose quill that wrote the word
Was with his sad tears wet.

Then stooping, Harold took, with scorn,
The murder'd poet's hand,
'Twas well, said he, to wealth thou 'wert born,
Else thou had'st ne'er had land.

Then Holland, Harold having ta'en
Around the neck, did say,
Ne'er be forget, at Drury Lane,
The rhyming of this day.

The crown, the glorious crown, be thine,
And Twenty Guineas too;
Homage and profit, bard divine,
Belong alike to you.

Childe Harold, the poetical name of Lord Byron, who has carried off the prize in the grand Battle of the Bards. It is currently reported, that he presented his Address to Lord Holland, regularly authenticated with his signature; and Lord Holland having transmitted it to the Committee, it was adopted at once, and all those sent in pursuant to the adverstisement thrown aside.