Rev. Lawrence Hynes Halloran

Anonymous, in Review of Halloran, Four Occasional Poems; Anti-Jacobin Review and Magazine 3 (July 1799) 296-97.

We have before had very strong proofs of the sound principles of Mr. Holloway, and, convinced as we are of his abilities to discharge, with propriety and effect, the very important duties of a preceptor to youth, he has our most fervent wishes for his complete success in the arduous task which he has imposed upon himself. Parents cannot be too cautious in investigating the moral and political principles, (and the connection between the two is much closer than it may appear to superficial observers to be,) of those whom they entrust with the serious care of forming the infant minds of their offspring. Extreme caution, in this respect, is a duty which they owe to themselves, to their children, and to the community.

The poems consist of three Prefatory Addresses, spoken at the annual exhibitions by the author's pupils, in 1794, 1795, and 1796, and a Latin Ode to Prince Adolphus. They all breathe a spirit of loyalty and piety that reflects honour on the author's heart, while, as poetical compositions, they place his abilities in a very favourable point of view.