Sir James Bland Burges

Anonymous, Review of Burges, Richard the First; Poetical Register and Repository of Fugitive Poetry for 1801 (1802) 425.

When the heroic qualities and romantic atchievements of Richard Coeur de Lion are considered, it seems wonderful, that in the course of centuries, no Bard should have arisen to celebrate his praise. But when to the personal qualities of the hero is added the splendour of the object for which he fought, and the sacredness of the very soil on which that object was contended for, it must be acknowledged that no theme could well be found more adapted to the purposes of poetry. The subject has at last, however, attracted the attention of a poet of acknowledged talent. Sir J. B. Burges has, in these volumes, made the adventures of Richard the ground-work of a poem which is highly honourable to its author. It is written in the difficult stanza of Spenser, which the author manages with ease and spirit.