Gilbert West

Richard Hurd to Mr. Devey, 17 March 1747; Commonplace Book in Kilvert, Memoir of the Life and Writings of Richard Hurd (1860) 26-27.

As I am so great a gainer by recommending books to you, I will take this opportunity of mentioning another piece, which has lately appeared on the side of religion, and which I believe you will be much pleased with. 'Tis a Defence of the Evangelical History of the Resurrection, by Mr. West, a gentleman who converted himself from Deism to Christianity by his own diligent inquiries, the result of which, so far as respects the Resurrection, which seems to have been a difficulty with him, he has given us in this book. The Bishop of Salisbury, who had the revisal of it before it went to the press, says, it is by much the best thing on the subject, which is a great deal for the author of the Trial of the Witnesses to say. The first part of this treatise you will find most curious, being a new method of accounting for the seeming inconsistencies in the Gospel narration. But I will not prevent your curiosity, which I think will be agreeably gratified in looking into this piece, and, if so, I shall expect to be favoured with some account of your entertainment.