Rev. Charles Churchill

J. D., "Acrostick on the Death of Mr. Churchill" St. James's Chronicle (16 February 1765).

C ome all ye Opposers of the public Good,
(H ere's Room now made for such a hellish Brood)
A rm you with Malice, let your Vengeance roar,
R ebukes will languish! — Churchill is no more!
L o now your Opportunity appears,
(E ach son of Freedom see dissolv'd in Tears)
S ecure your Conquest while you may affect it:

C an you (such Villains as you are) neglect it?
H e that was Champion for your Liberties,
U s'd to the combat, crown'd with Victories,
R eturns to dust! no more his nervous Lines,
C an scourge th' Abettors of your dark Designs.
H ail then the day, ye Ruffians, newly found,
I n which the Sons of Freedom shall be bound;
L ament, ye Britons, tears th' Occasion suit,
L et none rejoice except the Friends of B—te.