Dr. John Wolcot

Phemius, "To the Memory of the late Dr. John Wolcot, Ob. 13th Jan. 1819, Aet. 81" New British Lady's Magazine 2 (March 1819) 119 &n.

Farewell to the bard, 'erst for wit, high in fame;
And claiming, of Pindar, the far-sounding name:
Farewell to thee, Wolcot! whose humorous lay,
Shall amusement to ages succeeding convey;
Thy mem'ry shall last, while Britannia shall reign;
And rule, with firm sceptre, the wide-spreading main:
Thy judgment in Painting shall fix thy renown;
And the pencil of Opie with honour shall crown;
All the virtues of Medicine follow'd thy will;
Gout, Palsy, and Atrophy, bow'd to thy skill;
To soften was thine, when forbidden to cure;
And to mitigate evils, mankind must endure.
May thy rest now be sweet, until Time's course is run;
And a new face of things, is seen under the sun;
Then, from thy long slumber, with gladness awake,
And of life everlasting the blessings partake.
February 3, 1819.

Dr. Wolcot had been known to the author of these lines, from the year 1778; he visited in the family in London, and in Kent; they used to meet occasionally at Sir Joshua Reynolds's, and various places.