Sir Charles Hanbury Williams

Bryan Waller Procter, in Effigies Poeticae, or, the Portraits of the British Poets (1824) 84.

From a Picture by R. Mengs, in the Collection of the Earl of Essex.

This knight, who was formerly our Minister at the courts of Berlin and Petersburgh, is said to have borne only one "poetical blossom." Walpole said that "he was in flower only for one ode." This ode, we suppose, was the one entitled "To a Great Number of Great Men, newly made;" as it contains the passage about the "black funereal Finches," which Lord Orford quotes with satisfaction somewhere or other in his Letters or Memoirs. Sir C. H. WILLIAMS was a writer of Anacreontics, love-verses, and political rhymes. His portrait is not one of the most agreeable in our collection; but if the reader will receive it as the likeness of a politician instead of a poet, we may safely recommend it to his notice.