Charlotte Smith

Bryan Waller Procter, in Effigies Poeticae, or, the Portraits of the British Poets (1824) 108.

From a Picture by Opie, in the Collection of the late W. Hayley, Esq.

The late CHARLOTTE SMITH was a very amiable woman, we believe, as well as a pleasing writer. Her "Old Manor House" was one of our first books, and we are still grateful for the pleasure that it afforded us. Mrs. Smith was the authoress of several novels, as well as of some small poems; and, indeed, the greater part of her sad life was employed in harassing her invention for tales and poetry, upon the profits of which her family were in some measure to subsist. She was a kind and exemplary wife, and her likeness, which is now before the reader, will (if it does not strike his eye as beautiful) prepossess him, perhaps, in her favour, as a mild, plain, and unaffected woman. Her novels are much better than the ordinary run of those publications, and some of her little poems are very touching.