John Huddlestone Wynne

Richard Ryan, "Facility of Composition" Poetry and Poets: being a Collection of the choicest Anecdotes relative to the Poets of every Age and Nation (1826) 2:229-30.

J. Huddlestone Wynne was brought up a printer, and worked as a compositor for some time on The General Evening Post; in which situation he gave frequent proofs of the versatility of his genius, and the promptness of his poetic fancy. His employer, who well knew his abilities, contracted with him to supply a small piece of poetry for every day's publication at a very small sum. One day, having forgot this part of his engagement till reminded of it by a fellow-workman, and the day being then too far advanced to have it deliberately written out, he obtained the assistance of another compositor, and thus, on the spur of the moment, while he himself composed the first six lines impromptu, he dictated the last six to his coadjutor, by which rapidity of composition, he saved his credit, and secured his usual weekly remuneration.