Leigh Hunt

Anonymous, in Review of Hunt, Juvenilia; Philadelphia Repository and Weekly Register 4 (2 June 1804) 172.

A collection of poems has lately been published in this city, written by J. H. L. Hunt between the ages of twelve and sixteen years. No work has, for a great length of time, appeared calculated to excite more surprise, than this. For a person at his early period of life to have written so much and so well, seems almost beyond probability. Many of these poems, so far from seeming to be juvenile productions, would do credit to a person whose abilities and understanding had arrived at their greatest perfection. The genius of HUNT (if it progresses in the rapid manner, and with the same proportion which it has heretofore) will make him one of the brightest literary ornaments of his country, and rank him with those celebrated poets, whose works have deservedly, conferred on them immorality.