Henry Kirke White

Cornelia, "On Reading the following Line in one of Kirke White's Poems" The Minerva [New York] 2 (15 November 1823) 256.

"Fifty years hence, and who will hear of Henry? none."

Minstrel of sorrow, did thy spirit dream
That thou shouldst be in few years forgot?
And didst thou think that thy unhappy lot,
Would be by none remembered? — Lethe's stream
Must quench the last faint ray of Memory's light
Ere I forget thee, gentle child of woe,
Thou wert too pure for earth, and on thy brow
Now glows a crown like thine own virtue bright.
Death mark'd thee for his victim, but thy name
Shall live, while the world bows to genius' shrine:
And while bright names are known on earth, shall thine
Be foremost on the shining list of fame.
The flower has blush'd and died — thy star is set,
But Henry's doom the world will ne'er forget!
August, 1823.