Rev. William Lisle Bowles

Francis William Blagdon, in Introduction to Flowers of Literature for 1801 and 1802 (1803) unpag.

The eloquent Mr. BOWLES, already well known to the lovers of poetry, in various political and moral publications which reflect great credit on his character, as a politician and a moralist, has called the public attention with equal energy and feeling, with equal ability and effect, to the relaxed state of religion and morals in this country; he has delineated the increase of modern infidelity, fostered by the increase of wealth, immoderate thirst for gain, the unbounded love of ease and pleasure, the visible relaxation, in regard to industry, which at present prevails; and has warned his countrymen, with that truly Christian writer, and truly good men, Mr. BOWDLER, that no alternatuve remains but reform or ruin. May these solemn warnings, and the present critical state of our country, rouse the minds of all its inhabitants to a proper sense of religious duty, and prompt them to acknowledge their entire dependance on s Supreme Being, of whose protection they are so much in need, and which is only to be obtained by a perfect obedience to his precepts!