Robert Burns

James B. Sheys, "Burns. For the New York Burns Club" New England Galaxy 8 (4 February 1825).

Oh! breath his name with rev'rence deep,
And never mar his matchless song;
And hail him in your dreaming sleep
Where glory leads his shade along!
Oh! keep the sweetest flowers for him,
That spread in summer transient ray;
To deck the goblet's sparkling brim,
To soothe his spirit far away!

O'er HIM no useless tablet raise,—
With Nature's self his fame shall bloom;
The tongues of earth speak out his praise,
The wide world be his glorious tomb!
He lives where Freedom wakes the fight—
He lives where Love and Feeling plead
Around the board each SOUL is bright,
To gild the wreath to him decreed.

On winding Ayr's green, hallow'd side,
Though Scotia's genius proudly roams,
Creation hails the MAN with pride—
The POET has a thousand homes,
While time his blessed name endears,
While nature to his memory turns,
His ruin'd Harp, bedeck'd with tears,
Should be the epitaph of — BURNS!