James Montgomery

Lothario, "To a Friend, with a Copy of the Wanderer of Switzerland" Philadelphia Repertory 1 (23 March 1811) 374.

While you, with curious eye rove o'er each page,
Of sweet Montgomery, painting war's deep rage;
Mark the expression of each tuneful line,
Which woes records and at these woes repine;
All, that the weary wanderer fails to tell,
Your bright imagination speaks full well:
Wakes every feeling when the widow mourns,
Sighs for the oppressed, and the oppressor scorns,
Weeps at poor Switzerland's untimely fate,
Bow'd from her glory to a humble state.
Like Rome, left lingering at the stern award,
Once more she turns, again she wields the sword,
Still struggling with her foes, still overcome,
At length she falls, unheeded to her doom.
Not that all Switzers sons fell in the strife,
Some lived, but ah! — 'twas ignominious life,
Liv'd! and alas! unmindful of their good,
Knelt to a despot, on their father's blood;
Cringing, they own'd the ruthless tyrant's laws,
Careless of God, their country, and its cause.